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A friend once told me I could have been a Multimedia Guru if I'd tried harder. Well, maybe it's not too late! So as self described Guru -- and also because people keep sending me email asking me questions so why not reuse the answers I send them -- here is the "Ask the Guru" column.

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Time to toss your film camera?
Oct 26, 2000

QuickTime or IPIX for Virtual Tours?
Oct 25, 2000

What software to use to make a presentation?
Oct 24, 2000

Making Flash fill the browser window
Oct 23, 2000

Making a DVD at home
Oct 20, 2000

Editing DV, what's needed?
Oct 19, 2000

Adding QuickTime to a Web Page
Oct 18, 2000

Flash for CD-ROM project? What about CD duplication?
Oct 17, 2000

Can you use regular 8mm tapes in Digital 8 camcorders?
Oct 12, 2000

Creating home movies on CD
Oct 11, 2000

Which Digital Camera Parts II & III
Oct 10, 2000

Looking for a Digital Camera, CD Burning problems
Oct 9, 2000

QuickTime VR control in Director
May 29, 2000

Can I learn Director Lingo?
Apr 28, 2000

Adding a search engine to my website
Apr 27, 2000

Best tool for "pioneering multimedia system"
Apr 20, 2000

Clik! drive for temporary storage, Cyclovision panoramic lens
Mar 28, 2000

Problems with DV and After Effects
Mar 24, 2000

Getting started in CD-ROM. The difference between a database and multimedia
Mar 17, 2000

Alternatives to Surround Video: VR Technologies
Mar 16, 2000

What do I need to Stream Video?
Mar 10, 2000

Whatever happened to Surround Video? Cue points in AVI supported in Director?
Mar 09, 2000

Putting Director and Video on a CD 3CCD cameras vs. 1 CCD cameras
Mar 08, 2000

3CCD cameras vs. 1 CCD cameras
March 1, 2000

Getting started with Macromedia Director
February 14, 2000

How to start a multimedia project
January 28, 2000

European multimedia usage
January 4, 2000

Is there a simple video editing answer?
December 30, 1999

What DV camcorder would you recommend?
December 23, 1999

What is multimedia? What does multimedia mean to me? What ever happened to CD-ROMs?
December 19, 1999

Video for my website: Which is best?
December 16, 1999

Starting a multimedia consultancy, what do I need?
November 22, 1999

What color are the pixels captured by a digital cameras CCD?
October 18, 1999

Use a Multimedia Authoring Tool or HTML
September 17, 1999

Synching in Macromedia Director
September 12, 1999

CD-R Problems; why don't they work on all CD drives?
August 30, 1999

360 panoramas using motorized tripods, video cameras, or digital cameras
August 16, 1999

Even more DV questions: good for stills
August 12, 1999

Inexpensive multimedia authoring tools
August 8, 1999

Choosing between DV camcorders: Canon XL1, Sony DCR-TRV900 or VX1000
August 4, 1999

DV questions
August 1, 1999


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