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Oct 18, 2000

Ask The Guru


Adding QuickTime to a Web Page

Q: I would like to know how to put a quick time video on my web page?


A: Without going into lots of details, to add a QuickTime movie to a web page simply create the movie (make sure it's flattened so that it will play on PCs as well as Macs) then upload the movie to your server. Add an EMBED tag to an HTML file like the one below:

<embed src="" width="200" height="240">

That should do it. You should also put a link to Apple's QuickTime page so visitors know where to go to download QuickTime if they don't have it.

There's a lot of extra things you can do; for example you can create multiple versions of the same movie compressed with different options and then set it up so that QuickTime will play the version that will work best at the users connection speed. You can also customize the playback using a number of parameters understood by the QuickTime browser plugin.

There's some good information on Apple's website.

This page describes the EMBED tag:

Embedding QuickTime for Web Delivery

This page describes creating alternate data rate versions of the same movie:

QuickTime Alternate Data Rates


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