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Oct 17, 2000

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Flash for CD-ROM project? What about CD duplication?

Q: I am researching my limited options in creating a CD-ROM that would be able to play MPEG videos as well as let the user toggle between the internet (a web site) and the CD-ROM. My co-worker teaches Flash but is unaware how to accomplish this sort of task. Can this be done?

Also, do you know much about stand alone CD-ROM duplicators? Could I maintain the same quality as if I were to out source my CD-ROM duplications? How does a glass master fit in the scheme of things if I were to duplicate my own CD-ROMS? How do I obtain a glass master if I needed one?

Rick Q.

A: Firstly, Flash won't play MPEG movies, so you've got a problem there. You could however put your presentation within HTML pages and play MPEG and Flash in a combined page that way.

CD duplication falls into two categories; Burning and Pressing. Burning is done with a CD burner, which you can buy for only a few hundred dollars. Quality depends upon the blank used and the speed it's burnt at (faster may have more errors.) Generally, you'll be able to do just as good a job with your own burner as any duplication house that burns discs (but it will take time...)

Pressing requires a CD pressing plant, and generally is only cost effective if you are doing several hundred. (There's a setup fee of a few hundred dollars, but after that the cost per disc is much lower than burning discs.)

Two advantages of going the pressing route is that you can get graphics printed on the CDs for not much more money, and generally pressed discs are more relaible than burned discs. And, of course, it saves a lot of time.

The glass master is used when pressing CDs. Most CD pressing plants will accept a burnt CD from you, and then create the glass master from that (you never see the glass master.)


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