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Starting a multimedia consultancy, what do I need?
Nov 22, 1999


Q: As you are the guru I thought there is no better place to go than here.

If I were to start my own small multimedia consultancy that which deals with the creation of web pages for other small companies in my surrounding area, what would I need to do it?

Regards L. C.


A: There's a lot of possible answers to that question, and without knowing what (if any) software and hardware experience you have, I'll make some sweeping generalizations:

Macintosh or PC, it doesn't really matter which. Just remember that the same web page can look different on different computers, and in different browsers. So you should always test your pages in Internet Explorer and Netscape on both platforms if you can. Also, make sure you have enough RAM to run this software satisfactorily; you should have at least 64MB so you can run a web browser and an HTML editor without having major performance problems.

A flatbed scanner will be very useful for scanning in logos, pictures, etc. You can get very good ones for not much more than $100.

High-speed net connection: Get the fastest modem you can afford (that your ISP supports!)

Depending upon your clients, you might want to have a Zip drive in case they have stuff that they will provide on those format disks. If the clients aren't computer savy this won't be a problem.

You should get some kind of WYSIWYG HTML editor. This will make life much easier for you. I would recommend looking at Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Microsoft's FrontPage and Adobe's GoLive. I know that Macromedia has a trial version you can download. There are many other such products (you might want to serach some computer magazines for reviews.)

Image editing application: Again there are lots of programs out there, but one program that is very good is Macromedia Fireworks. It may take a little time to learn, but it can be very good for creating complex images, and has some nice options for previewing a graphic at diferent jpeg compression levels.

Alternatively, there are also a lot of simple paint applications that you can use to make web graphics (anything that will create a gif and jpeg file will get you going.)


That's really all you need to get going. After that, you might want to look into digital cameras, other graphics software, and maybe get into more complex web programming and development work, but that's for later.


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