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Introduction from the book

Mar 1, 2000:
Look out, 3 megapixel cameras are going to be appearing very soon for about $1,000. This isn't really a surprise, but it is an exciting development. In the next couple of weeks I'll be posting more about the new cameras, and updating these pages.

Sept 6:
I finally have copies of the book! I hadn't seen the cover (the publisher didn't even tell me what it was) until it arrived. It's not too bad. I've noted a couple of minor problems I found in the book in the Errors and Omissions section, and I've also put up the Table of Contents.

 July 31:
The good news is that the book is finally finished and is possibly being printed as I write this. The bad news is that I have neglected this area for some time, and have to do some cleanup work. However, having spent some time actively ignoring this page, I've now determined what to do with it. I realize that there are other sites out there that carry reviews and latest news for digital cameras. It would be foolish for me to duplicate that effort
. Instead I intend to do three things with this page:

  1. Provide a Table of Contents (for prospective buyers!)
  2. Keep the book up to date with an Additions section.
  3. Cover Errors and Omissions.

Even as I finished the book, I realized that parts of it were going out of date before it was even printed. So the major objective of this page will be to provide information that updates, corrects, or expands upon the current edition.

Expect to see this area expand over the next few weeks. In the mean time:

Feb 23: The cranky camera guy says:

A recent report on CNET about the future of Digital Camera and the impact of the lastest 2 Mega pixel cameras included the following comment:

"Cameras offering over 1.3 million pixels offer close to the same resolution of traditional cameras", according to Holec [a digital imaging analyst at ARS.]

Well, I'm as excited about the quality of these new cameras as the next guy, but that comment is carrying things a little too far. These new cameras with "over 1.3 million pixels" are producing images up to about 1600 x 1200. A "traditional" 35mm camera can produce images at 3072 by 2048 (that's over 6 million pixels.)
< article "Digital cameras reach traditional standards">




Report from the Kodak Developers Conference
Feb 1, 1999
Interesting information about Digita, DPOF and Meta data.


Is a digital camera always the right choice?
Jan 1999
A friend recently asked me whether he should buy a digital camera, which prompted me to write a long response...

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*The title wasn't my idea.


Apollo, An Eyewitness account


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