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Director 8 preview
Mar 21, 2000

Weekend in Review: Mission to Mars doesn't suck too bad. I nearly get assaulted by a bus driver. Fireworks is so cool
Mar 20, 2000

Resolution: it's all that's important when buying digital cameras
Mar 03, 2000

Macromedia Fireworks 2
Mar 12, 1999
Great tool for web graphics

3D in Director
Jan 15, 1999
Several tools now allow you to add 3D to Macromedia Director

Picture CD: First impressions
Jan 2, 1999
How does it compare to Photo CD?

Report from the Kodak Developers Conference
Feb 1, 1999
Interesting information about Digita, DPOF and Meta data.

Is a Digital camera always the right choice?
Michael D. Murie January 25, 1999

iShell multimedia authoring tool
Michael D. Murie December 1, 1998

Desktop Video trip
Michael D. Murie July 27, 1998

Web Page Design
Kent Borg June 18, 1998




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