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The Multimedia Workshop is an exploration of new media.

A long while back I wrote a book called "Macintosh Multimedia Workshop" (1993, Hayden) and this website was created as a kind of rebirth of that book, as well as a place to provide information and support to other multimedia developers and users. It is also hoped that this website can be used as a place to explore multimedia through fun projects and examples.

- Michael

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Michael D. Murie has been a multimedia consultant and developer since he first saw HyperCard. He has written for New Media and MacWEEK, worked on the CD-ROM The Jack Kerouac ROMnibus, and wrote the books "Macintosh Multimedia Workshop" and "Macintosh Multimedia Starter Kit." He has contributed to several other books, and was co-author of "The QuickTime HandBook."
Michael is Manager, Multimedia Development, Decision Systems Group, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
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