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European multimedia usage
January 4, 2000

Q: Could you give me a clue where I can find the statistics on the multimedia market for Europe? Thanks.


A Sometimes I get questions for which I have no good answer. This is one such case. I have no idea where you might get that kind of information. I'm sure there's probably some kind of research firm that you could pay to provide you with that information...but otherwise I can only suggest doing some searching to see if there's anything out there for free.

But the Internet is a great resource, so as an experiment, I went to Altavista and typed in:

+"multimedia market" +europe +size

Which brought back this page: altavista results page

From there I found the following page of the Eurodata Foundation:

The Eurodata Foundation had some interesting looking reports, including "Evaluating the Impact of Networked Multimedia Market Study", though it's dated 1997 which, if Europe is like the US, is way out of date.


On a different link, Analysys (I don't know who they are) had a number of reports including this one "Competitive forces boost Internet markets in Central and Eastern Europe"


Cahners In-Stat group also had reports, though the only one I could fine that was about Europe was a bit too old. They did have some other interesting titles-- some only costing $1,495 USD!--including the following:

Cable TV Set Top Boxes: Markets & Technology
IEEE 1394 as a Competitive Strategy
MPEG Video Chip Market Share
Videoconferencing and the Market for PC Cameras
Consumer Set Top Box Operating Systems
Home Networking: Markets, Technologies, and Vendors


Then I found the EC Information Society Promotion Office

They have many different materials, including the paper: "Measuring the Information Society" which asked the questions:

  • Are women less interested in computers ?
  • Are there large differences in the use of PCs in Europe ?
  • Has everyone in Europe access to a fixed phoneline ?


I'm not sure if any of these will help you, but there is some information out there.

Good luck.


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