Low Cost Video

This page is devoted to tools and techniques for producing low cost video using digital editing tools (i.e. personal computers.)


Avid Cinema is available for both the Macintosh and Windows at USMSRP $139. Cinema provides a simple interface that, using storyboard templates, allows users to simply design and compile video projects.

Cinema for the Power Macintosh G3 works with Apple's Audio/Video capture board. Cinema was originally developed in 1996 by Avid Technology, Inc., in conjunction with Apple, Avid Cinema for the Macintosh.

Cinema for Windows has a and incorporates RealNetworks' encoder technology that allows users to export movies in the RealVideo format. Available for the Windows 95 /98 OS with a 200 MHz Pentium with MMX or Pentium II processors with 32+MB RAM, CD-ROM drive and AGP or PCI slot for video card. Avid Cinema requires a video capture card and supports a range of choices, including: ATI All-in-Wonder (PCI), ATI All-in-Wonder Pro (PCI or AGP), Hauppauge WinTV Model 404 (PCI), STB TV PCI, or Intel Smart Video Recorder III (PCI).


Ulead new video editing software for novices called VideoStudio features a step by step interface for beginners to the video editing process. VideoStudio also includes a training CD that walks new users through the process of installing the necessary hardware and explains video lingo and features - all for only $99.95. VideoStudio will ship in mid-October.


Pinnacle Systems has announced Studio DC10 plus, a new offering in the company's Studio family of consumer video editing products. Studio DC10 plus shares many features with the Company's recently introduced Studio 400, including its easy-to-use proprietary Studio video editing application. Studio DC10 plus is a MJPEG motion-JPEG PCI card that captures full resolution (640x480) video at 30 frames/60 fields per second.

Pinnacle Systems' Studio video editing software, included with Studio DC10 plus, is designed for consumers. You can drag and drop scenes in any order using the Storyboard view and the software includes 100 different transitions (including Video SpiceRack lite transitions from Pixelan Software.) Studio DC10 plus also comes with the TitleDeko character generator from Pinnacle Systems. TitleDeko features over 300 looks and styles. With the SmartSound software, also included, you can create a custom musical soundtrack for your movie.

Studio DC10 plus for Windows 95 or Windows 98will be available at the end of October, 1998, with an expected price of $229 ($30 mail-in-rebate brings price to $199).


Iomega has released the Macintosh G3 Buz box. The buz features:

  • PCI card combining Ultra SCSI (Narrow) with video capture and output using real-time Motion JPEG compression hardware.
  • Buz Box for easy connection of analog video and audio. Provides in and out connections for stereo audio, composite video and S-video.
  • Video Editing software: Adobe Premiere 4.2 LE (upgradeable to Premiere 5.0 for $199), Apple QuickTime 3 Pro.
  • Audio software: Iomega RecordIt™*

To install you will need an Apple Power Macintosh G3 model (PowerBook, upgraded PCI Macintosh products and clones not supported). at least 32 MB of RAM and 130 MB hard drivespace required for installation. You'll need a lot more hard disk space if you actually want to capture video!

[I've been looking forward to the Mac Buz box because of it's low price, and the fact that my PC doesn't support the PC Buz box. Though I'm more interested in DV than analog video these days, the Buz might make a useful adjunct to a Firewire card. The Ultra SCSI card, even though it is "Narrow" may be useful for connecting disk drives for using for video digitizing; essentially making the Buz box "free." - Ed]
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