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Eric Wenger (the inventor of KPT Bryce) has now released MetaSynth, a new application that combines graphics with sound synthesis. It combines sampling, wavetable, additive, subtractive, granular and frequency modulation techniques with graphical means for visualizing audio information ever created.
MetaSynth maps picture coordinates into time and frequency domains. A pixel's gray scale controls the volume of a specific harmonic at a specific moment in time. Stereo position is determined by pixel color.
A demo is currently available for Power Macintosh.


BarbaBatch 2.4 is a Batch Audio Processor. It supports QDesign streaming audio technology, and Real Audio 5.0 as well as Ensoniq Paris 24 bit and Dyaxis MacMix digital audio formats.
BarbaBatch can process audio content stored in a range of formats including CD-audio, MPEG, Sound Designer, AIFF, WAVE, NeXT/SUN, and VOX. The software can perform gating, normalization, look-ahead peak limiting, fade-in and out, channel processing and dithering. BarbaBatch offers batch conversion, is AppleScript-able and can also utilize any ProTools™ II and Audio Media™ II cards on 68K Macs.
BarbaBatch 2.4 retails for $395. A demo of BarbaBatch that converts up to 30 seconds of audio can be downloaded from MacSourcery's web site.

More information about Qdesign codec is available at the QDesign website <>

Deck II is now owned by Berkley Integrated Audio Software, manufacturer of the audio software products Peak, Peak LE, and SFX Machine - which acquired the multitrack audio recording application Deck from Macromedia, Inc.

Macromedia had previously purchased Deck from the original developer, OSC, a few years back. While Macromedia continued to sell Deck, they did little to promote it as a standalong product and had mainly been selling it as part of the Director Studio bundle. Macromedia stopped including it with Director 6 (which made sense since they already included the sound application Sound Edit 16.)

The most current version, Deck 2.6, works in conjunction with third-party audio cards or in "native mode" - where it can be used with almost any recent Macintosh (including all PowerPC and G3 CPUs, even PowerBooks). Deck 2.6 offers up to 999 virtual tracks; playback of up to 64 simultaneous tracks; real-time DSP features for every channel; OMS-compatibility; support for Adobe Premiere Plug-Ins; and QuickTime digital video playback and sync.

A forthcoming version will support the ASIO industry standard, giving users a wide choice of audio hardware and interface options. Deck 3.0 will also offer support for VST plug-ins, expanding its already existing repertoire of real-time DSP options.

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