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VHS is a video tape cartridge format developed by JVC for the consumer market. VHS and
Beta (a format developed by Sony) were the original competitors in the home vcr (video cassette recorder) market. Despite arguably better technology, VHS dominated the marketplace and Beta faded from the market, though it still exists in some advanced forms.

VHS is comparatively "low" in quality, with approximately 250 lines of resolution. It is not suitable for television production work. One of the biggest problems with VHS is that it does not dub (copy) well. There is a large image loss when you make a dub from one tape to another. This is partly because of the way the separate elements of the picture signal (color and brightness) are recorded together on the tape.

When Sony released the 8mm video format the VHS-C format was developed. This was a smaller cassette which contained the same size video tape as the original VHS cartridge, there was just less of it in the cassette. You can also get a cassette holder which is the size of an original VHS cassette, and holds the VHS-C cassette. The VHS-C cassette can then be played in a regular VHS vcr.

One notable limitation of the VHS-C format is the length of the tapes; only 20 minutes long.

VHS-C should not be confused with S-VHS, which offers improved image quality.

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