3D Streaming Technologies

MetaCreations MetaStream, is a streaming 3D format. A plug-in is available for Windows browsers, and a Macintosh plug-in is "in development."
There are some example files as well as
background information about MetaStream.
For developers, there's a section that documents the EMBED tag, as well as Logo's for the plug-in, an FAQ and plug-in exporters for Ray Dream Studio 5.

Microsoft has licensed the MetaStream 3-D graphics file format and related run-time engine for incorporation into future versions of its operating systems (press release "Microsoft Corp. Announces License Of MetaStream 3-D Technology From MetaCreations".) MetaStream technology will be integrated into the Microsoft DirectX APIs, Microsoft multimedia services found in the Windows operating system, and as a file format in DirectX (.X files) that will be supported by Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), a feature in the Microsoft NetShow server.
DirectX is a group of API technologies designed by Microsoft to make Windows operating system-based computers more efficiently handle multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3-D animation and surround sound.
In addition to a plug-in for creating MetaStream files using Ray Dream, MetaCreations is offering a the MetaStream Game Toolkit (MGT) to the game development community. The MGT tools permit control of the process by which MetaStream-compatible objects will scale during game play, adjusting the processing power of a given machine.
A Microsoft Internet Explorer version of the MetaStream browser plug-in is at the MetaStream web site ( A Macintosh-compatible version of the plug-in is in development.

last updated: 11/20/98

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